Why I decided to write the series Psychic Vampire Prophecies.

I started working on the Psychic Vampire Prophecies a few years ago. I’ve read and watched so many different types of Vampire books. There are many I still need to read. I wanted something different. Everyone talks mainly of Blood Vampires so I decided to go with Psychic Vampires who feed off energy. Yes, my books do have Blood Vampires as well. I want to make people think about the aspect of what if they do live among us, have babies, pay taxes, and die. I want people to feel something so I add the struggles that we have to struggle with as people. Yes, it has romance. Yes, it has messy relationships. They do have abilities and other things. I cram pack much into each book. I’m working on the final book in the series. I would have had it done by now but I can’t work on it all the time. I raise kids and go to school. You can’t rush a good thing. Still trying to work out how I’m going to end it. It’s going out with a bang. There will be lots of war, people falling in love, getting married, and much more.


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