Psychic Vampire PropheciesBooks

Psychic Vampire Prophecies


Alexis and her twin Stephen are eighteen year old psychic vampires who are apart of a prophecy. They are the most powerful of their kind. Alexis has a lot of ups and downs in her life. She has a lot of decisions to make for her age, but handles them the best way she knows how with help and support from her brother and others along the way.

Psychic Vampire Prophecies Volume2 The Beginning of the First Psychic\Blood\Vamps\and Immortals

After Alexis and Stephen lost their grandparents, their grandparents left something behind for each of them an ankh necklace and ring. They didn’t find out what they were meant for until the birthday they won’t ever forget.



Psychic Vampire Prophecies Volume3 The Rebellion

Things in Alexis life keep changing on this adventure. Her life seems to spin out of control and when she thinks things couldn’t get any worse they did. She has a rebellion whose hunting her.


Psychic Vampire Prophecies Volume4 The Tragedy

A lot of loss happens to everyone. Alexis thinks that things can’t get worse and they keep spinning out of control. She kept wondering was there any way up from here.









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