9 poems out of 3 of my books

3 poems in the Ups and Downs in Life

You point the finger

When you should

Point the finger at

Yourself rather than at me

You make it out like it was

All me when it wasn’t at all

You wear a mask

It doesn’t ever come off

It’s like you don’t want

People to see the real you

It’s like you don’t want them

To get close enough to

See what you’re really like

You don’t ever take the mask off

It’s like you’re afraid of people

To see the real you so you

Cover the real you with a mask

We part our ways

In the end we agreed

We’d be better off friends

You made things confusing

I knew things weren’t going

To ever be the same, but you

Kept trying to complicate

Things when they didn’t have to be


Posted by Amy Stark at 9:19 AM

3 poems from my kids poetry book Reaching Out

“Need Help”

Tell your teacher

You need help

When you need help

They can’t help you

If you don’t ever ask

Speak up and let

Them know that

You need the

Help that you need

“Don’t want to

Miss Recess”

Keep those hands

To yourself you

Don’t want to

Miss recess

Keep your feet

To yourself you

Know you don’t

Want to miss

Out on recess

Keep all objects

To yourself you

Know you don’t

Want to miss

Out on recess

So keep in mind

If you’re not good

You’ll miss out

On all that fun

When everyone

Else gets to

Go out at recess

“Don’t hurt anyone”

No kicking you’ll

Make someone cry

If you kick them

You don’t want

Them to cry do you

No hitting you’ll make

Someone cry if you do

You don’t want them

To cry do you

Don’t throw those rocks

Or those wood chips

You could hurt someone

Real bad and make them cry

You don’t want them hurt

You don’t want them to cry

You’ll get in bad trouble

If you do those things

You don’t want to be

In trouble do you


It’s available on Kindle for .99 cents.

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3 poems from my poetry book Mirror of Life

Just because others say you can’t do it

Don’t stop doing it

It’s your dream

Don’t let them crash it

They have a dream that they wouldn’t want shattered

There will always be those who try to stomp into the ground

You give them power when you do that

Don’t give them power

It’s your dream

Who cares what they think

You’re the one who has to live with you at the end of the day

Does it really matter what they think

So what if they laugh

All great people are made fun of and laughed at

Look at where they are now because people said they couldn’t do it

Look at what they did because people said they wouldn’t cut it

They made a splash in this world

They are the ones who are looked at in awe

They are the ones people want to be now

They’re the ones who got up and shook it off

When the world was against them, they still kept going

That’s why dreams can become reality

Dreamers can make it happen

Only when you stop dreaming everything falls apart

Don’t stop dreaming

Don’t let people stand in your way

Move them out of the way if they’re in your way

Don’t be the one to stand in the way your own dreams

I said what they said I couldn’t do

I did it for me and not for them

I’m going places in my life

There used be times where I wasn’t sure

I picked myself up

Dusted myself off

Now I’m standing on my feet

Doing it for me and my little boys

No one else, but us

Used to think I couldn’t do it

There were days I wanted to give up

I dusted myself off

Picked myself up

Had a little help along the way

These people are my angels in disguise

It’s my family and friends

They’re my angels in disguise


(Available for .99 cents on kindle.)


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I'm a single parent, part time student, and author. I'm going to school get my technical certificate in photography. I've published about seven poetry books, one kids poetry book, and 4 books in the Psychic Vampire Prophecies. Currently trying to finish the last book in the series. I am also working on a Holiday Romance book at the moment.

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