Review for the first six books in the Charley Davidson Series

When I started reading First Grave on the Right, I was sucked into it right away. Charley’s charachter is very colorful. She makes you laugh with some of the off the wall stuff she thinks up. Some of the things that fly out of her mouth make you wonder, where did that come from? It’s awesome. She’s a grim reaper and PI who goes on some interesting adventures. Not ever a dull moment. When I got to the end I thought to myself you really ended it this way.  When  Darynda Jones ends the book, she leaves that cliff hanger that leaves you wanting more.

When I got to the second book Second Grave on the Left, I jumped right into it. Charley’s adventure gets more interesting. She keeps having these dreams about someone from her life from years ago. She also helps her best friend Cookie out. Cookie is a very colorful woman as well. As always Darynda Jones leaves you wanting more in this one as well.

By the time I get to third book, I was ready to read more and it’s called Third Grave Dead Ahead. It’s as good as the first two and keeps getting jucier. She hooks you by that first page and by the last page think oh no it’s over making you want more. This adventure Charley is nonstop go. Things between her and Reyes the sexy son of Satan have many ups and downs.

When I get to the fourth book, I jump into it ready to see what happens next in Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet. By this time Charley’s relationship with Reyes is still complicated. Charley’s case in this one just gets weirder and weirder.

I just recently read Fifth Grave Past the Light and it was just as awesome as the first four books in the series. Never a dull moment with Charley, Reyes, Cookie, or the others. In this one she’s not sure what to think of one of the cases that she was assigned. That’s how it normally goes. She does all the work with help from her friend Cookie in each case. When you get to the end of this one you think to yourself dang these cliff hangers that drive you crazy.

I just recently finished reading Sixth Grave on the Edge and could barely put it down. Charley faces a lot more trouble. She thinks things can’t get anymore weird and gets proved wrong. Things steam up between her and Reyes. Her best friend Cookie’s love life takes a turn. Charley finally gives Reyes an answer. It left you wanting more.

They are all worth the read. I’ve enjoyed reading them very much. Now I just need to get the other two. I believe there are two or three left in this series. Go check them out. They are all available on Amazon. They might be available other places as well.



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I'm a single parent, part time student, and author. I'm going to school get my technical certificate in photography. I've published about seven poetry books, one kids poetry book, and 4 books in the Psychic Vampire Prophecies. Currently trying to finish the last book in the series. I am also working on a Holiday Romance book at the moment.

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