Memorial Day Poem

They gave their life
for our freedom
They left behind family and friends
They’re not ever sure whether they’ll
be home for the holidays or whether
they’ll make it home at all
They face challenges we can’t even fathom
Some make it home and so don’t
The ones who make it hoe are scarred
You can’t see the scarring that’s imprinted
inside of them
You can’t imagine their nightmares
that are their reality
Some won’t get to see their kids be
born and will miss out on their kids
first everything and would do anything
just to be with them
They cherish every picture and letter they
have from family and friends
They are fathers,sons,mothers,and daughters
They chose to fight to keep us safe and free
Pray for the families who lost them
Light a candle in remembrance of those who fell
Share their stories of their life so they
can be remembered and not forgotten
Don’t just thank them on Memorial Day
Give thanks to them and pray
for them everyday
(Just wrote today.  by-me)


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I'm a single parent, part time student, and author. I'm going to school get my technical certificate in photography. I've published about seven poetry books, one kids poetry book, and 4 books in the Psychic Vampire Prophecies. Currently trying to finish the last book in the series. I am also working on a Holiday Romance book at the moment.

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