Psychic Vampire Prophecies First 5 pages

Chapter 1

This family isn’t like your average family. They have a secret that they keep to themselves. Their secret is that they are psychic vampires. They felt if they told anyone people would actually think they are crazy when in actuality they they aren’t crazy at all. Their secret could get them locked up in a mental asylum, so they kept it to themselves,so that they wouldn’t draw attention to themselves. They live deep in the woods in a small town in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They have a house people would love to live in since it’s so big and spacious. It’s a three-story circular house with ten bedrooms, five bathrooms, a marble spiral staircase, a living room, a huge kitchen, and a study where there are books galore. Outside there are flowerbeds that circle the whole house. There is a stream that flows close by the house, but not directly beside the house. You have to walk to get to the stream. There are lots of wild flowers in the field by the stream.

Alexis and her twin brother Stephen were born there. They’ve attended the same school since Kindergarten. Their younger sister Siera was also born there and attend the same school as them.

Their mother and father grew up in Rome. They met when they were in high school, which was when they first started dating. Phoenix proposed when they were twenty and the next year they were married. Over the years they traveled and ended up settling in Hot Springs, Ar., when Sacora got pregnant. She had gotten pregnant the first year of their marriage. After the twins were born Sacora stayed at home raising the kids until they started school. She cleaned houses and did catering jobs during the week. Phoenix had just started at the law firm when she had the twins. He was always at the office. They barely had anytime together. He always made time for them when he could. During the summer they’d travel all over. They had many vacation homes. Their first stop was usually their cabin in the Carpathian Mountains. They would spend it with their friends Malic and Salinia who had a little boy who was a year older than the twins. That was the twins first friend. When they’d spend their summers their they were inseparable. They’d have sleep overs and camp out.

When Alexis was young she was somewhat close to her mother, but she got older their relationship became strained.

It might be due to how she wants her to be more lady like and not so tomboyish. When she tried talking to her daughter most of the time it’s in one ear and out the other. Alexis just wants her mother to get off her back and accept her for her.

She was more close to her father because she felt like she could open up to him and not be judged.

Phoenix didn’t like playing the middle man between his wife and daughter. Sometimes they would try to pull him in the middle and it didn’t ever go over well. It could cause a yelling match at times. Sometimes it was down right ugly.

One night Alexis was sitting in a tree beside her house with her legs dangling back n forth. She sits in the tree when she has a lot on her mind, and that night she had a lot of different thoughts racing through her mind.

Some of the things that were going through her mind was how she didn’t have many friends and the ones she did have weren’t aloud over. She hated living such a sheltered life. It drove her nuts. She had that to deal with along with the regular teenage bull shit that goes with high school. It wasn’t always easy trying to blend in at school. Another thing she didn’t understand at times was why she hadn’t been exposed to many of their kind. Sometimes she wondered if it had to do with the prophecy. She noticed how her family would get weird when talking about it. Sometimes they’d talk in hushed tones thinking she didn’t hear them. She always shook it off though,

Alexis is a very beautiful girl. She has long wavy brown hair with a red tint that flows down her back, blue sapphire eyes that light up any room, full luscious sulky lips, a fair complexion, and a slender curvy body with long legs. She is an eighteen-year old girl, and a senior in high school. When she enters any room all eyes are on her. That goes for anyone in her family though because they all have looks that catch peoples eye easily.

Alexis was interrupted from daydreaming when her mother Sacora called for her.

“Alexis, where are you?”

“I’m out here, mother.”

“What are you doing in that tree?”



“Why do you want to know?” she asked sarcastically.

“I’m your mother is why,” replied her mother in a frustrated tone.

Alexis jumped out of the tree. She didn’t feel like answering her mother’s questions. It always felt like she was under interrogation.

Her mother got flustered when she did that. All she wanted was her daughter to listen and open up to her. It hurt her when Alexis would ignore her.

“Come back here when I’m talking to you,” yelled her mother.

Alexis didn’t hear her. She’d already run off to a stream that was near their house.

Her mother went in search of Stephen.

She found him sitting in his room on his bed doing his homework.

“What do you need mother?” asked Stephen looking up from his homework.

“Get your sister in this house. Tell her I’m not finished talking to her,” said his mother in an aggravated tone.

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

“You know even if I find her she’s not going to come back just because you want her to,” said Stephen in a monotone voice.

You’d think he didn’t care. He didn’t like his mother using him to find his sister when they were both being irrational.

“Just do it,” his mother told him in an aggravated tone.

Stephen got up, and walked out of his room. He knew there was no reasoning with his mother.

Stephen was very tall, muscular build, brown hair with a red tint, a fair complexion and blue sapphire eyes. You could tell him, and Alexis were twins.

Stephen knew exactly where his sister was, and ran towards her.

“What did you do to irritate mother now?” Stephen asked her.

He had an idea of what it might be over, but thought he’d ask anyways.

“I jumped out the window while she was talking to me,” said Alexis with a gleam in her eyes.

“Why did you have to go, and do that?”

“Didn’t feel like talking to her,”

“I don’t like being stuck in between the two of you.”

She knew he didn’t and really didn’t mean for him to be drug in the middle when she argued with her mother.

“Sorry,” said Alexis.

“Sure you are,” said Stephen.

He knew she meant it, but was tired of it happening as often as it does.

“How much homework you got left?”

“Not much.”

When he said not much it could mean a lot. He hated doing homework.

“I want to get out of here. Let’s camp out tonight.”

“Are you going to tell mother?” asked Stephen.

“What do you think?” asked Alexis.

“Probably not,” said Stephen.

They ran back to the house as fast as they could.

Alexis climbed up the tree next to her window, and climbed into her bedroom.

Stephen walked in the front door met by his mother.

“Where is she?” asked his mother.

She was huffy puffy.

“If you want her you look for her. I’m not getting in the middle of this. It gets old,” said Stephen with his arms crossed.

He ran up to his room as fast as he could.

Alexis was in her bedroom packing her school stuff along with some things she’d need for the next day.

When Stephen got to his room he packed up the stuff he needed, and then met Alexis in her room.

“Are you going to clue father in on what’s going on?” asked Stephen.

“Of course,” said Alexis.

“Let’s see if Siera wants to come along. It wouldn’t be fair to leave her behind with mother in a pissy mood.”

“No, it wouldn’t be fair. You go see if she wants to come along. Hurry,” she said impatiently.

Stephen left Alexis’ room in search for his younger sister.

He found her in the living room.

“What’s going on?” asked Siera when Stephen entered the room.

“Can you follow me?” asked Stephen.

“Sure,” said Siera.

They walked to Alexis’ room.

“There you all are,” said Alexis when they entered the room.

“What’s going on?” asked Siera.

“Feel like camping out tonight?” asked Alexis.

“Did you get into it with mother again?” asked Siera.

“Kind of,” replied Alexis.

“I’ll go pack my stuff, and be back here in a minute,” said Siera.

She went through the bathroom to get to her room. “Why do they always have to fight?” Siera thought to herself.

Siera packed what she needed really fast. She didn’t want to be the one left behind when her sister and mother had been fighting. Her mother would ask her fifty questions, which usually consisted of did she know where they were. She felt bad for her mother at times. Her sister did make it a little rough on her, but their mother didn’t make it easy on her either. She knew it went both ways of them making it hard on each other. No one wanted to be in their path when they got like this. Sometimes the silence was just as bad as them yelling at each other.

While she was doing that Alexis went to her father’s study where she found him working behind his computer.

“What do you need Alexis?” asked her father looking up from his computer.

“Stephen, Siera, and I are camping out tonight. I’m avoiding mother right now. Thought I’d give you a heads up,” said Alexis.

“Do I even want to know why?”

He sighed. He was just as tired as everyone else when it came to his wife and daughter fighting.

“I’ll tell you about it later. She’s looking for me, and don’t want to be found right now.”

“Better get going then.” said her father.

He rushed her out of his study. One thing he didn’t want was to be in the line of fire between his wife and daughter.

“Thanks for understanding,” said Alexis.

“I didn’t say I understood. I don’t understand either of you.”

He shook his head. At times he wish he did understand, but then again if he did know he’d probably wish he didn’t know.

“Oh okay. See you tomorrow.”

She ran out of her father’s study, and back down the hall to her room.

When she got to her room she put her bag on her back, and climbed into the tree next to her window. She jumped down and ran to her truck.

Stephen and Siera were waiting for her in the truck.

Her mother was looking out the window and saw her. She ran outside.

“Get back here Alexis,” yelled her mother.

Alexis had seen her from the corner of her eye, and hauled ass to her truck.

She sped off before her mother could catch her.

Her speed was much faster than her mothers, that’s why her mother couldn’t ever catch her. It always upset her mother that she couldn’t get a hold of her because of how fast she was. All she wanted to do was talk and Alexis didn’t want to listen to her.

Her truck is a black, extended cab, with four- wheel drive, and mud tires.

“What are we going to do for dinner?” asked Stephen.

“Do you want pizza?” asked Alexis.

“That’s fine with me if that’s what Siera wants to,” said Stephen.

“Sounds good to me,” said Siera.

Siera is sixteen years old. She’s tall, slender, cream colored skin with emerald looking eyes, and long wavy red hair that comes down to the middle of her back.

When they all enter the pizzeria all eyes were on them. Everyone always looked at them because they were good looking people who could have just about anybody they wanted. Some people thought they were mysterious because nobody had ever been to their house. There were many stories people concocted over the years. Some people thought maybe there house was haunted and that’s why they never had anyone over. They laughed at the stories they heard.

“What’s everyone staring at?” asked Siera in a whisper.

“Us by the look of it,” said Alexis.

“You should be used to it by now,” said Stephen.

They all three looked for an empty booth to sit at, and found a place in the back where it wasn’t so crowded.

Siera never got used to people starting at them. They think part of the reason why people stare at them is that they think it’s weird that no ones been in to there house or even know where they live. Sometimes they heard people whispering, but they ignored it. When they were young it used to bother them that they couldn’t have friends come to the house. It still did bother them some.

“Let’s get the buffet,” said Alexis.

“All right,” said Stephen.

Shortly after they sat down a waitress came to wait on them.

“How may I help you tonight?” asked the waitress.

“We’re going to go with three for the buffet,” replied Alexis.

“What size drink would you like?” asked the waitress.

“We’d like three mediums,” replied Stephen.

She wrote down there order, and went to get their cups.

Stephen was the first one to get up to get his food.

Alexis and Siera waited until the waitress had brought them their cups.

After the waitress left them they got up, and went to fill their drinks.

Then they went to fill their plates.

On their way back to their table this guy wasn’t paying attention, and bumped into Alexis nearly making her spill her food all over her. He felt bad about bumping into her and nearly making her drop her food all over herself.

“Watch where you’re going,” Alexis said rudely.

“Sorry for bumping into you,” replied the guy.

The guy was a tall, muscular build, pale complexion, and eyes as blue as the ocean, and short brown hair.

He was sitting in a booth behind them by himself.

“Are you okay?” asked Stephen when Alexis sat down.

“I’m fine. Glad my food didn’t land on me,” said Alexis.

“I did say I was sorry,” the guy behind her said.

“Was I talking to you?” asked Alexis with an attitude.

“I know you were talking about me, and you knew I was behind to where I could hear you.”

“I wasn’t talking to you dude,” Alexis said in an aggravated tone.

“Again I’m sorry.”

“I guess I can forgive you,” said Alexis.

“Cut the guy some slack. He did say sorry,” said Stephen.

“Oh all right,” said Alexis.

“Dude why are you sitting by yourself?”

“I’m new to town, and don’t know anyone,” said the guy.

“Want to sit with us?” asked Stephen.

“If your sister won’t bite me,” said the guy with a smile.

“I guess you can sit with us,” replied Alexis.

“My name is Alexander.”

Alexander sat beside Alexis.

“I’m Stephen. The one you bumped into is my twin Alexis and the one sitting beside me is Siera,” said Stephen.

“What did you think I couldn’t introduce myself?” asked Alexis glaring at her brother.

“Nice to meet you all. Do you all go to school close by?” asked Alexander.

“Yes, it’s right down the road. Why?” asked Alexis.

“I’m starting school there tomorrow is why.”

“Are you looking forward to it or not?” asked Stephen.

“Not fully. I’m graduating this year, and had to leave all my friends behind. With the work my dad does though it’s not a shocker that we moved though. We’ve moved around a lot over the years,” said Alexander.

“You’ll be graduating with Stephen and me,” said Alexis.

“Does everyone always seem to have eyes on the three of you?” asked Alexander.

“You noticed also,” said Stephen.

“Yeah,” said Alexander.

“It’s always like this. Even at school,” said Alexis.

“You look like someone I know well kind of look like them,” said Stephen.

Alexis thought the same thing, but didn’t say anything at first.

“I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering if it was just me,” said Alexis.

“Who do I look like?” asked Alexander.

He raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

“You wouldn’t know them. They don’t live in the States.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. Where are they from?

“They live in Romania.”

“I have a cousin who lives there.”

She wondered if it’s who she thought it was.

“You do?” asked Alexis.

“Yes. His name is Malici,” said Alexander.

“He’s your cousin?” replied Alexis sounding kind of shocked.

“Yeah. Why?” asked Alexander.

He was curious how they knew his cousin.

“Cause that’s who we were both thinking,” said Stephen.

“How do you know my cousin?” asked Alexander.

“We have a cabin up there in the mountains.”

“That’s weird that we haven’t ever seen each other since my family also has a cabin up that way.”

Alexander started wondering is this the girl that his cousin always talked about.

“When do you all usually go to the cabin up there?” asked Alexander.

“Usually in the summer, but we haven’t been in about a year. We were thinking of going after graduation,” said Alexis.

“We go in the summer at times, but I haven’t ever seen you all. I’d remember seeing a girl that’s as beautiful as you are,” said Alexander looking over at Alexis.

She blushed. Even though people stared at her she wasn’t used to compliments.

“Why are you turning red Alex?” asked Stephen.

“Shut up,” said Alexis.


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