Books you should read that I know are awesome by awesome Authors.

A Telltale Secret (A Telltale Destiny)

by- MJ Rain

Keeper vs. Reaper

by- Jennifer Malone Wright

First Grave on the Right

by- Dyranda Jones

Surreal Peter (Peter: A Darkened Fairytale, Vol 4): Short Poems & Tiny Thoughts

by-William O’Brien

Eye of the Oracle (Oracles of Fire Book 1)

by- Bryan Davis

Check his series out.

Wicked Lovely

by- Melissa Marr

Check her series out.


by- P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

The Guardian’s Grimoire (The Guardian Series Book 1)

by- Rain Oxford

Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1)

by- Lola StVil

Check the series out.

The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter: Part I: The Beginning

by- Jennifer Malone Wright

Check out the series.



Dark Creations: Gabriel Rising (Part 1&2)
by- Jennifer Martucci and Christopher Martucci


Dragon Call (Lunes & Lords Book 1)
by- Emi Davis


The Light Keepers (ShadowLight Saga Book 0)
by-Mande Matthews



I’ll add more later.



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